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Charming Relais in the Montescudaio countryside. The Garden Relais Le Fontanelle is an ideal place for a refined and exclusive holiday in Tuscany; Divided into two connected structures, it is made up of 3 apartments and 2 bedrooms all detailed with luxury details. Inside the Relais you will find 2 Wood Bars, 2 Jacuzzi Pools, a Barbecue and a Wine Bar. Thanks to its strategic position, the Relais has a private promenade that will take you to the center of the town of Montescudaio.

Junior Suite

Junior Suite Apartment

Mono Superior

Suite Apartment

Camera Con Patio

Casa Patronale

Il Parco

le fontanelle


Via delle Fontanelle n°1
Montescudaio 56040, Pisa


Phone:  0586 - 661761
347 - 6276226

le fontanelle